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The Libyan private jet chartering service, provided by our company with guaranteed customer satisfaction, is one of the most popular services lately. Never compromising quality, the service is shaped in line with customer demands. The aircraft you may charter to travel anywhere around the world is prepared in a very short time. Thanks to the services our company offers, you may safely utilize these aircrafts which are preferred in this category especially for business purposes.

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Reasons for Libya Private Jet Chartering

Thanks to developing aviation sector, clients can utilize 24/7 available aircrafts for individual or corporate purposes. Aircraft chartering is highly demanded due to being safer and more comfortable when compared to ordinary flight services. Among the reasons of purchasing the Libya-based private jet chartering service is the service quality as well as one to one communication with clients.

Every client has different purposes for chartering a private aircraft. As a company, we offer multiple choices for this diversity and bring our clients convenience. The most preferred aviation company of recent years, Plures offers 24/7 services in aircraft chartering field with many alternative choices for its customers. Determining the needs of the clients in their Libya flights; Plures may offer 4-8 passenger capacity short range or more developed mid-range aircrafts which are again appropriate for the use of maximum 8 passengers. Other than that, our 9-14 seater capacity private aircrafts which are classified as long range have wider cabins and offer great convenience for the flights of crowded groups. Of course, the passenger capacity increases in accordance with the size of the aircrafts. Hence, contacting Plures you may order chartering services according to the number of passengers attending your flight.

private jet charter libya

The Advantages of Libya Jet Chartering Service

There are numerous advantages that preferring a private jet provides to its clients. One of the most important of these advantages is that aircraft chartering services provide very comfortable and safe flights for both individual and crowded business travels. The chartered aircrafts operate in line with the programs prepared by the customers hence they offer services for users with no problem of time. In addition, private jets being fast aircrafts is another factor contributing to clients' gain.

As Plures Air Company, we offer you a world-class quality in Libya aircraft chartering field and in all of our other services. Within the scope of a qualified service, pricing starts with the departure of comfortably and safely prepared private Plures jets. The net pricing amount is accurately determined by calculating the time spent till the arrival of the aircraft to the desired destination. You may conduct pleasurable Libya flights with our 24/7 available Libya private jet chartering services thanks to the superior quality provided by Plures Air.


Light Jets


This category has the capacity to passenger jets between 5 to 8 people. The most preferred category of private jets. Flyable distance time between 2 and 3.5 hours. His category has the capacity to passenger jets between 5 to 8 people. The most preferred category of private jets. Flyable distance time between 2 and 3.5 hours. Click Here


Midsize Jets

This category has the capacity to passenger jets, up to 8 people. Lights jets developed by a separate sink with a ceiling height of the user area. Flyable distance time between 3 to 5 hours.Click Here

Heavy Jets

This category has the capacity passenger jets with 12 to 19 people. Has a fairly large cabinet. Flyable time period is between 3 and 5.5 hours. Click Here

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