Ambulance Services


Air Ambulance Service

Plures Air Ambulance offers repatriation services including:

--- 1 physician and 1 flight nurse or paramedic

--- medical pre-flight clearance with physician-to-physician consultation

--- bed-to-bed transfer of the patient

--- organisation of ground ambulance transportation at both ends of the flight

--- full post-mission medical report from the treating physician.

--- Double Stretcher Option

--- Full double stretcher air ambulance aircraft capable of transporting two intensive care patients simultaneously.

--- 5 Strecter Option

--- 2 insentive care patients and 3 strecthers patients.


Pre-flight Medical Clearance

Picking up your medical team with an appropriate aircraft from your hospital, flying them to the hospital where the organ awaits collection and back to the receiving hospital.

Our insurance also covers your medical teams while on board.

Stretcher or Medical Escort on Scheduled Airline

Organisation of medical repatriation of your patient, either on a stretcher or as sitting patient in a specified service class, escorted by a physician, a nurse or paramedic, or both if required. Ground transportation to and from the airport, accompanied by the medical escort, can also be arranged.

The founding members of EAA have a large experience in participating in humanitarian missions throughout the world in close co-operation with its respective governments, the NATO and the United Nations.

Plures Air ambulance assets for humanitarian missions:

Direct, immediate and flexible response to local and international partners

Operational 24/7/365

Wide range of operational means: air ambulance planes,medical teams, logistics

Rapid response: able to start an international mission within 2 hours

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